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Members who attended:-

Glenn Capuano "Number 1 Rider"
Darren Pay "Payboy"
Garry Hore
Blake Hore
Mark Harris
Damian Conroy
Jamie Healey
Darren Church
Brian Noble
Guy Latham "Plumber"
Marty Orchard
Paul Bray "Motocross"
Brian Wilkinson "Wilco"
Rudy Salems
Brian Dallow
John Saliba
Frank Gogol
Cory Murdoch
Craig Prato "Yappa"
Robert Portbury
Pat Micah
Mark Portbury "Spring Lamb"
John Grinburg

Approx May/June 04 around a camp fire a group of Dandenong Motor Cycle Club Members concocted an idea of raising some funds for a great charity whilst having a hell of a good time doing a trail ride from Nowra to the Blue light rally at Noojee.

Heffo at Detour was contacted and at the next club meeting the idea was tabled and the 23 spots for experienced enduro riders where instantly filled. The members also decided to run a raffle and seek donations from the corporate world to top up the fund.


Within 3 months of the spots being filled we lost our first rider, Richard Hiatt, to an injury with a fractured vertebrae at a club day, this was a sign of things to come.
Two weeks before the departure date I received a phone call from another punter saying he had broken his arm trail riding on the weekend. I thought surely this must be the last of it however sure enough the following Monday the phone rang again with another rider breaking his finger going over the bars on a trail ride. It seemed as though the preparation rides where going to be harder than the ride itself.

The spots where quickly filled with a couple of A grade motor cross riders and pro enduro riders, all was set for a fun week of riding plenty of single track trails.