Our round of the shell Advance Gippsland Motocross Series was a huge success thanks to all the Members that helped out over the weeks before, and the workers that were lucky enough to have their Name on the Workers list, including all the ladies that helped with Sign in, Scoring, Canteen, Coffee

I can’t name all the members that made this possible, but there is a few members that I really have to thank for their efforts.

Thanks Chris Townsend for your help and the use of all your Equipment

Karl Edwards for making sure all works at the track was completed prior to the event

Heather Lee for her tireless efforts in running our canteen

My wife Sarah and my boys for supporting me

I hope everyone knows this weekend 12th jun practice day has been cancelled due to our main members that run these practice days at Wonthaggi need a break


School holidays
3rd July -
Round 2 Mx Club Champs
4th July -
Practice day
5-6th July -
2 Day Y-Aim Mx School
13th August -
Kick Start school
14th August - 
Round 3 Mx Club Champs
4th September -
Round 4 Mx Club Champs
School holidays

25th September -
Practice day
9th October -
Round 5 Mx Club Champs
23rd October -
Practice day