Well, its election time again and all committee positions will be available, so I urge all DMCC members to come along on the 28th July and have your say in who will be running the club  next year.  I have enjoyed the past 12 months as President immensely and I would like to thank all of the wonderful and hard working committee and members who have done an unbelievable amount of work over the last year, I am sure you will all agree that the Wonthaggi motorcycle complex is a place the club can be proud of.

I would also like to thank all of the club members who have contributed in running some hugely successful events over the last year including the Victorian junior titles, Gippsland Centre titles, Victorian Off road titles and a Club Motocross and Off road series that make most other clubs envious.  

Special thanks must go to Darren Pay for his contribution towards the events at Wonthaggi along with Heather Lee who has done an amazing job in the canteen.
Off cause the off road series wouldn’t happen without Brian Noble and a dedicated bunch of helpers.

The club is currently in a strong position both financially and with a good membership base of around 420, we are trying to expand our local Wonthaggi membership base encouraging employees from the Desalination plant and the local schools to join with great success.
Looking to next year the club is currently exploring the options of national and state events at Wonthaggi along with continuing the very successful club series in both disciplines.
The club members will be voting on the proposition of putting a house at Wonthaggi to secure the long term security of the track on the 14thJuly this is a very expressive and important decision so I hope the club members will have a say.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the very special annual dinner on the 28th July as we celebrate the 80th year of this fantastic club, I encourage everyone to get a ticket if you haven’t already done so, as well as drinking and dancing we will be thanking all of the individuals who have worked so hard over the past year.  

Below is a list of just some of the improvements and investments that have been made at Wonthaggi over the last year and a half.

Installing power.
Renovated the canteen including building the coffee area
Installing the coffee machine
Extending the first aid room
Installing drainage in the pits
Rebuilding and improving the track.
Concreting the first aid path and re-stoning the ambulance parking area.
Cleaning up the grog-in and surrounding area.
Installing power and lighting in the first aid room and the grog-in.
Buying a new mower for the property.
Building the canteen spectator shed and concreting the area
Building the start gate shed and rocking the area.
Painting of all fences.
Fencing for new closed pit area
Relocating water mains to wash bay area in closed pits
Paint and add graphics to starter building
New amp and speakers for the repair and upgrade of our pa system
Repair white ant damage to the finish tower, rebuild lower section
Finish of fencing at extreme area
New haros for the tractor
Purchasing a new 4 wheeler
Purchasing a new Trailer for use at the track
Purchasing a Steam cleaner
Purchasing 2 containers for storage
Replacing all of the locks with a keyed system.
Arranging complete insurance on property and assets  

As you can see it is important that the club ensures that these investments are safe and cared for into the future, this is why the executive committee feels that it is important we put a house on the property to protect these assets.

See you soon.
Glenn Capuano