A Huge thanks to all the members that came along to the MX Meeting on Thursday night it was a great turn out.  Thank you to all the members that are going to help out down at the track this year.

We have had a bit of a slow start to our Club MX season this year because of our 2 day, commitments to MV and other disciplines.  But we plan to have the track open a least once a month for the rest of the year

Any member that would like to open the track during school holidays or any other time please contact me for info, regarding making this happen.

Dates as planed from meeting Thursday night

19/05    Practice (Club) Saturday Afternoon
20/05    Practice (Club) All Sunday 

01/07    Club Champs – Round 1
15/07    Practice Day 

12/08    Practice Day
26/08    Club Champs – Round 2 

15/09    Practice Day
16/09    KTM Try & Buy Day Practice day
23/09    Club Champs – Round 3

28/10    Club Champs – Round 4