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Thanks to Andrew Lambie, #909 (Kawasaki) for sending in his roving report.

It was all looking good for the weekend with the big names of off-road racing lined up including Toby Price, Matt Phillips, Daniel Milner, Stefan Merriman, Lambie etc

I was all set for my race on Saturday after my preparation at the ORCC the weekend before. But this was a bit of a shock as the A graders had been on the track and it just got rougher and rougher. I was in the Over-50s class in what was a big event, being combined VORC and AORC rounds – I reckon there was at least 280 riders. The Vet classes and Masters were run along with the Pros, with the Intermediates and Clubman run with the Juniors.

After scrutineering, the Masters, Vets and Pros headed out onto the Townsend property over the road where we had a sighting lap + three practice laps. It was hot and dry and incredibly dusty. At lunchtime we swapped to the other half of course back on the Dandenong MCC property and started out near the start gates, onto part of MX track, then onto some grass track, then through swamp tea tree before coming back onto MX track. That was just the warm up for what came next - the extreme section... I was quite nervous about all the pipes and obstacles but it actually wasn’t too bad – they had given riders some easy options which of course took a bit longer but suited me. Then it was back onto the MX track, going around the jumps (jumps not allowed in this event) and finally headed back towards to the start for the finish line. This was an estimated 6 minute lap… I am glad to say I got through the day and the challenges with no major incidents – and had fun at the same time.

I worked on the Sunday over at the extreme section and got to see the all the classes coming through – I have to hand it to the Juniors as I was very surprised by how many didn’t take the easy route. Me and my mate Mick Denham then went back over to the Townsend property to pull down the bunting etc – it was unbelievable how rough it had become over there by the end of the day. What were minor ruts last week were big gouges in the track. Rough as!

There have been some hiccups with the scoring so no Mylaps results as yet - I’m keeping my guess at my results close to my chest. The MA website reports that Daniel Milner won E1 class, Matt Phillips E2 class winner, Toby Price E3 – check that site for more details. The bike went well – you can’t beat a Kawasaki – it’s a reliable, bullet-proof all rounder. If Steve isn’t at Headley 21-22nd April I’ll be very disappointed – yellow vs green – it’s on!

And I have to hand it to those guys down at the Dandenong club – hosting back to back events for what seems like a month. It was really well run – a big thank you to the VORC Racing Committee and Dandenong MCC including Frank, Bryan, Alan, Corey and Kurt. Considering it was also the Australian Off-Roads round with many interstate riders and therefore a major event, everyone was very friendly. Next up for me is the Dandenong Club round at Erica on 14th April; a hard, tight and hilly course – true enduro. Then Headley…

Andrew Lambie,
Roving Reporter.
Scooter News