ORCC R3 - Micah’s property (Rawson)
What a great day, with perfect weather and track with 6 runs on an 8-10 min loop.

The PW and 50’s had their own track, so everyone had lots of riding on the day.

Big thanks to the crew who helped set out the track on Sat especially Andrew Lambie with help from Citty (Brian Dallow) for laying out the track.

Pidepiper Citty took all the PW and 50’s for a lap of the big kids track after racing which was very popular with the kids with a huge single file line following him around the track. “Scooter News” has an event write up, get on the e-mail list if you don’t receive a copy each week.

VORC is on this weekend at the same venue with juniors, intermediates and women on Sat and seniors on Sun.

If you can help out either day, just turn up and let yourself be known to Nathan Allen (Bear), Frank Gogol or Bryan Noble and we will allocate a job for a few hours.

Bring your bike if you like and you can help maintain the course.

The next round (R4) is scheduled for Erica on Sat 11th May which will be an Enduro format. (Day before mother’s day).

Erica ORCC Enduro will be something different for many, with about a 4hr "trail" ride and a couple of timed special tests. The event will be just like a normal enduro with controls, time cards and 3 riders a minute.

As the club also has the Vic off-road junior Enduro on the weekend after the club is looking for members to help out on Saturday 18th May with control, special test officials and sweep riders required.

We also need some experienced Enduro riders to help the juniors at the controls with their time cards.

If you can help out please let Bryan Noble know by e-mail at  bryan.noble@woodgroup.com

Working bee dates for Erica ORCC and VORC Enduro are as follows:
If you can help out at any Erica w/bees over the next couple of weekends, then e-mail Bryan Noble or ring 9707 5672. All equipment supplied, except if you want to ride you need a bike

Sat 27th April all day.
Sun 28th April am until mid afternoon.
Sat 4th May all day.
Friday 17th May all day (day before race VORC jnr enduro).

Coming up ORCC race and working bee dates are as follows:

Wilhop Gully  9th June (W/bees 1-6-13, 2-6-13, & 8-6-13)
There is then a break for July with the next round at Wonthaggi on 11th Aug.

To be eligible for points for the year, you must attend one working bee to help with the round preparation for the race, So thank you to all the people that have helped so far and looking forward to hearing from all the others. If you have already done a working bee you are most welcome back to another working bee as most new members find this is the best way to meet other members and become involved in the club. It is also a great opportunity to get in some riding with better riders to improve riding skills and technique.

Series results are will be published after the next round at Erica.

There has been much class swapping due to people entering the incorrect class when entering and some people have been upgraded from the class they entered.

If you have worked and there is no”W” against your name then let us know.

Frank Gogol VORC co-ordinator
Alan Bernhard ORCC co-ordinator