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Four Victorian's made the trip to Austria last weekend to compete in the famous Erzberg Rodeo. Christensen's Motorcycles owner Steve Cooper dropped us an email to let everyone know how it all went.

"Friday morning was the 1st run at the Iron Prologue. Mark Portbury had a great 1st run at the mountain with a time that put him in 21st position , Travis Cooper the youngest in the group at 14-years had a good run in ending in position 146 , Martin Orchid was in position 164 and Dean Minichiello was in position 172," Cooper wrote.

"Saturday morning all the riders had a chance to better the 1st run but on the 2nd day the track was a lot harder as 1500 bikes had been on the track the day before, this will always make it tough to better your time, Marks 2nd run put him in position 23 for race day, this put Mark on the front row to start the race , Travis put in a better run the 2nd time and moved from the 3rd row to the 2nd row in starting position 98 for the main race, Travis is now the youngest rider to ever start the Erzberg rodeo. Martin moved up to position 160 which put him on the 4th row to start the race, Dean had a crash on his second run and now relied on his 1st time, he started the race in position 205 witch put him on the 5 row.

"Come race day Mark had a good start and kept with the main group until they got to the forest section and then all the riders started to spread out. Mark had got to check point 14 in the 4 hr time limit, this was a great effort, Martin has did a great job from the 4th row in getting out of the quarry in front of Travis and Dean , Martin got to check point 9 with a lot of help from our support crew, Dean and Travis teamed up to help each other at all the hard spots and pushed as hard as they could to get through all the other riders to get back up with Martin who was just in front of them.

"Travis had a great start but in the 1st water hole he couldn't see as the bike in front of him covered him on muddy water, he needed to stop at the top of the 2nd big hill to clean his goggles, this now made it very hard as there is 200 or more in front of him, Travis and Dean cleared check point 8 and could see Martin just in front of them as he was pulled up the last 100 meters with 5 min left in the race, Travis and Dean missed out on check point 9 by 2 min , this was a great achievement by all the riders just to start this race , it is the hardest Enduro race in the world."

Australian results

24 Mark      Portbury      AUS   72 KTM      250         21 00:09:32,355   32 00:09:39,739
100 Travis    Cooper         AUS  235 KTM        250EXC     148 00:10:12,348   82 00:09:54,938
197 Martin    Orchard      AUS  237 KTM       200 EXC    163 00:10:16,938 234 00:10:28,669 00:10:16,938
212 Dean      Minichiello   AUS  236 KTM 300 EXC 2T          176 00:10:20,123 181 00:10:19,996 00:10:19,996

 Red Bull Hare Scramble
51 Mark            Portbury              23     AUS KTM          250          14 Carlʼs Dinner
144 Martin          Orchard        190 AUS KTM           200 EXC    9 Wasserhaus
179 Dean       Minichiello    205 AUS KTM 300       2T         8 Mondlandschaft
181 Travis          Cooper          98   AUS KTM          250EXC     8 Mondlandschaft