DMCC MX Club Championships and Practice Days are now set as per dates below. Set to be a huge year of riding with our new rebuilt MX track at Wonthaggi looking the part.  The club has spent over  $14,000.00 with new Jumps and Berms making a totally new ride experience.  Stay tuned for more info in the new year with photos and video.

Be one of the first to ride the track Practice day 20/3/11

MX Practice Days

February 2011

12/02                   Working Bee
13/02                  Eager Pig MX Coaching Day Working Bee

Maximum of 20 for coaching – first 20 to enrol.

March 2011

20/03                  MX  Practice Day

May 2011

08/05                  MX  Practice Day

Mother’s Day – Something Special

June 2011

12/06                   MX Practice Day

Queen’s Birthday Weekend


MX Club Championship Dates

April 2011 

10/04                   Round 1

July 2011

03/07                   Round 2

(Start of School Hols)

August 2011

14/08                   Round 3

(Look at making this a possible 2-Day/Practice Day on Saturday 13th)

September 2011

04/09                   Round 4

(Father’s Day)

October 2011

09/10                   Round 5
23/10                   Round 6
29-30/10             Open as an Emergency Date