DMCC are hosting the 2020 A4DE at Erica in May 2020 and are looking for anyone interested in being involved in the event.

The club is holding a meeting at the clubrooms on Thursday 19th of September at 7.30pm to form a steering committee to plan and run the event.

The steering committee will have formal and informal roles to suit the level of involvement that people are prepared to offer.

The planning for the event is well underway and the major heavy involvement roles are already being carried out, but less time involvement roles are available to be taken on.

Key roles include coordinators for individual special tests, day trail sections, time controls, parc ferme, final moto, volunteers, etc.

Those who don’t have time to take on a key role could offer assistance to those who have taken on a key role.

If you would like to be involved in the event at all, anywhere from an hour to the week, come along to the meeting on the 19th and let us know.

If you can’t make it to the night shoot Frank an email at to let him know your keen.