News Flash: Number 1 is now Number 2

After 6 senior rounds and 7 junior rounds the big news to come from the Off Road Club Champs is that the reigning expert champion Number 1 (alias Glenn Capuano) is now Number 2. With racing ranging from the popular Dirt Track event at Broadford to Motocross Sprint at Wonthaggi to Cross Country at Erica it has been a great season of some close racing enjoyed by lots of new faces to the Club Champs scene. The series has proved once again to be great training for the Victorian Series as well as lots of fun for the not so serious riders.

This year has seen a welcome increase in the number of junior competitors with a healthy number of competitors from Pee Wees through to 85’s enjoying the casual race days with their families, with a few of the kids really stepping it up towards the end of the season. A lot of effort has been put into the junior side this year making sure that the kids were riding on tracks that they would talk about until the next meeting.

Special thanks goes out to all of the land holders who year after year have been allowing us to ride on their properties, Mark Harris for keeping everyone fed at all the events, Bryan, Jake and Scott Noble for setting up the majority of the tracks and all the behind the scenes stuff that Bryan manages to find time for when he’s not cooking the books, and Darren Pay for his help with the juniors.

Class places were:


Expert 1st Frank Gogol 2nd Glenn Capuano 3rd Mark Harris

Clubman 1st Cameron Hedge 2nd Brian Dallow 3rd Craig Prato

Juniors 1st Jed Cornthwaite 2nd Brandon Healey 3rd Cameron Healey

125’s 1st Jake Noble 2nd Joel Pay 3rd Eric Packer

65’s 1st Thomas Pay 2nd Walter Hiatt

50’s 1st Scott Noble 2nd Matthew Whitford 3rd Casper Hiatt

Pee Wee’s 1st Jake Gogol 2nd Brad Harris 3rd Sam Packer


The first round for the 2006 Club Champs will once again be held at Broadford with a twilight meeting to be held on Saturday 19th of February. Remember no knobbies on rear, go to the wreckers and get yourself a second hand trials universal tire or give Harry at a call and crunch him on a new one (smaller bikes may use knobbies check with Frank Gogol or Bryan Noble prior to the event). All of the off road events are held on private property so you can race any bike, even the old CR500’s at the flat track. Further dates will be set once the Victorian and National calendars have been set.

If you haven’t tried flat track before, come along to Round 1, the track is always perfectly groomed and gets continual watering to keep the dust down and the racing tight and you’ll even get a feed afterwards.

If you want any further info come along to a club meeting or give me a call on 0409 325 950. See you at Broadford!

Frank Gogol, Off Road Club Champs coordinator