The fallout from Newry round is the land owner received a hefty fine from the shire, this all comes about because of Government planning law changes a few years ago that are being misinterpreted by councils.

The planning rule intent applies to permanent tracks not 1 or 2 uses a year tracks, but this doesn't seem to deter the councils.

The biggest problem we have is noise, if we cant be heard there is a good chance our ORCC series will continue to fly under the radar until the planning laws are amended.

Thus the club will be tough on noise, as 1 noisy bike can cause the loss of a venue.

There have been 1 or 2 noisy bikes at recent rounds and those people have been spoken to, so please do the right thing by others and get the bike to under 94dBA.

A late model KTM enduro bike with recent repacked muffler is under 94dBA so that gives people an idea on the acceptable level.

Mufflers need to be repacked every 10hrs for an 0-85cc, 15hrs for 125/150 and 20 hrs for every thing else.


Unfortunately this event had to be called off on Sat evening as the “predicted” shower, was 10mm of rain from lunchtime onwards on Sat and didn’t clear up until early Sunday morning.

Nobody likes to cancel events more than the people who have been at the venue for weekends on end setting up and clearing the track.

But for sustainability of future events and the damage that is done to the land that is owned by others, it is a necessary evil.

The club has learned from bitter experience to make the call early to “upset” less people.

As it turned out it was the right call, as the track on Sunday was very wet and the 10 or so juniors who did only 2 laps left a big footprint, so an event would have trashed the land and created a lot of work for the club to repair and there is always the possibility of losing the privilege to use the land. From experience the club finds that getting helpers to fix tracks is very difficult and thus the cautious approach.

To further back up the call, the dozen or so members who helped out on the Sat and camped Sat night, had considerable trouble getting out of the property on Sun, so trying to get in and out another 40 or 50 vehicles would have been a disaster!

A big thanks to the members who did come on sat morning to help with track preparations, at least when we do get back to Briag the track is ready to go.

A huge thanks to Mick Denham for bringing his skid steer CAT to the property on Friday morning and putting in a couple of big days to clear tracks and do some land maintenance for the owners.

Then on Sunday had to make a new road so we could all get out of the property!

Thanks to Mick we now have a great cross country loop for when the club does run the next event at the property.

Also a big thanks to John Grinberg and Jake Noble who gave up their Friday to help Mick with the manual part of the track clearing.


The next round is scheduled for Bonnie Doon at Wilhop Gully on 19th Aug, our event co-ordinator for that round was at the venue the other week and it was very wet.

It still hasn’t stopped raining so at the working bee this w/e it is proposed to make a discussion to stay at Wilhop for this round or go back to Briag.

East Gippsland tends to get less rain this time off year so the chances of a non wet event are more likely, but stay tuned.

Entries and supp regs will be out next week and this will detail the venue proposed.

To help get results out quickly please make sure that all fields in the entries are filled out correctly, especially transponder / license numbers and class's entered. We all get a laugh out of some of the things entered but it really does add a lot of time to getting results out if not done correctly.

If the club does go to Briag for the next round the work at Wilhop will not go to waste as it will be rescheduled for latter in the year.

(Note: If the club goes back to Briag a different start location will be used.)

The club needs a team of people to fix some ruts and clear the small juniors (85 SW  downwards) track at Wilhop this weekend.

Working bee dates for Wilhop Gully are as follows:

Sat 4th Aug July all day.

Sun 5th Aug am until early afternoon.

Sat 18th Aug all day (day before race).

If you can help out please let Frank Gogol know by e-mail at"><;> as a BBQ lunch will be supplied for all workers who register.


Coming up round race and working bee dates are as follows:

Willhop Gully or Briagolong rescheduled  19th August (W/bees 4-8-12, 5-8-12 & 18-8-12)

Erica  9th September (W/bees 25-8-12, 26-8-12, 1-9-12 & 8-9-12)  Also venue for VORC Junior Enduro the following w/e after ORCC.

Micah’s  7th October (W/bees 30-9-12 & 6-10-12)

Hallston  19th November TBC (W/bees 10-11-12, 11-10-12 & 17-10-12)

After Wilhop Gully is Erica club enduro which will be something different for many, with about a 4hr "trail" ride and a couple of timed special tests. The event will be just like a normal enduro with controls and 3 riders a minute.

As the club also has the Vic off-road junior enduro on the weekend after the club is looking for members to help out on Saturday 15th September with control, special test officials and sweep riders required.

If you can help out please let Bryan Noble know by e-mail at"><;>

Working bee dates for Erica are as follows:

Sat 25th Aug all day.

Sun 26th Aug am until early afternoon.

Sat 1st Sept all day.

Sun 2nd Sept is Fathers Day so might put on a trail ride around Erica area.

Sat 8th Sept all day (day before race).

Friday 14th Sept all day (day before race VORC jnr enduro).


To be eligible for points for the year, you must attend one working bee to help with the round preparation for the race, So thank you to all the people that have helped so far and looking forward to hearing from all the others. If you have already don’t a working bee you are most welcome back to another working bee as most new members find this is the best way to meet other members and become involved in the club. It is also a great opportunity to get in some riding with better riders to improve riding skills and technique.

Series results have been issued for internal checking due to few people entering the wrong classes there is some sorting out to do.

The series results should be out on the street shortly, so please check that if you have done your work day for the ORCC series already that this is shown in the results and thus be eligible for series points. If you haven’t done your pre-event work day as yet, that’s fine there are still many rounds of the series to go.


Wattsy has now confirmed he is coming to Aussie to run an off-road school for DMCC members on Fri/Sat 9th/10th Nov.

The cost will be $450 for the two days and registration is open refer to attachments for further details and links to register.

Learn from an Australian, World Enduro and GNCC Champion.

The school will be suitable for riders who ride ORCC and or VORC and is not suitable for trail riders making this one school that the serious racers do not want to miss.

Shane is doing another school on the Sun/Mon for novice riders at a different location which is open to anyone.

Only 15 spots are available and priority will be given to ORCC/VORC DMCC riders who support the club.

Registration needs to be done by end Oct after that time the school will be opened up to others.

Links are below and event flyer is attached in pdf.

Frank Gogol VORC co-ordinator

Alan Bernhard ORCC co-ordinator