The DMCC MX Forum achieved the results we had hoped for.
Over the course of a few hours we heard from our President Mr Gary Hore relating the history and development of DMCC which allowed us an intimate understanding of how the club has gone from strength to strength and that the future of the Club and the MX and Extreme facility at Wonthaggi is very exciting.
The General Manager of MV,Mr Mark Campbell addressed the Forum and for those who attended we were informed of a major new MV Strategic Plan that will enable our plans for DMCC MX to take on the support and encouragement of MV.


Mr Kevin Williams created an environment that challenged DMCC to grow towards a professional customer focused organisation which will further develop our infrastructure and event culture for the future.
During the active and focused "Question Time" we were able to hear many new ideas from the Members and some of the answers both from our guest's and from fellow Members have resulted in the development of our new direction for DMCC MX. Although there are many areas which will be focused on building infrastructure and planning for new style events, one area that can be established immediately to further MX is to capture some of the enthusiasm many of those who attended have for DMCC and MX. Therefore I invite Members who wish to be part of the planning and delivery of MX for the short and long term to contact me or Email the Club to register your personal interest in joining the " DMCC MX Management Team ". In approxiamately seven days we will conduct a meeting to establish the Team and format the individual roles within the Team. If you would like further information prior to the meeting contact me personally at .
Thank you again to all who attended the Forum.

Robert Cameron
MX Chairman