The Junior Coaching Program (JCP) will take effect on 1 July 2006 and applies to all current and potential juniors aged between 7 and under 16 (7-U16) who wish to obtain or renew a competition licence.

Details of the JCP are in the new “Kick Start – Getting Started In Motorcycle Sport” booklet for juniors (to be sent to clubs in mid June) and chapter 3 of the 2006 Manual of Motorcycle Sport.

New Juniors (after 1 July 2006)
As of 1 July 2006 all junior riders who wish to take out a competition licence for the first time (including a one meeting/event licence) must undertake a minimum of 5 hours coaching and the required coaching modules (which incorporate a riding test) and a multiple choice theory test.

A rider can take as much time as they need to complete the required coaching modules and they may even do it over a number of days or weeks and have different coaches, but it must be a minimum of 5 hours.
Coaching, Riding Test and Theory Test
The coaching and assessments are in the new “Kick Start” booklet.

In addition to the coaching modules and assessments the “Kick Start” booklet will contain general getting started information.  The assessments will be on perforated pages so they can be easily torn from the booklet.  Once completed and signed off by a coach/s, the assessments can be sent to a SCB with an application for a competition licence.

Current Juniors (before 1 July 2006)
A junior rider who obtained their competition licence before 1 July 2006 and who wishes to renew their licence after 1 January 2007 must undertake 5 hours of coaching by an accredited coach each year until they reach the age of 16.
Renewing a Junior Competition Licence

1. Undertake 5 hours of coaching each year – conducted by an accredited coach.
2. Record the required coaching hours in the JCP Log Book.
3. Send copy of the record of coaching hours (from the JCP log book) with a renewal application to your SCB to obtain a new licence.

Log Book
The aim of the JCP log book is to improve safety for all junior competitors by having them maintain an up-to-date record of:

1. The minimum 5 hours of coaching that must be undertaken each year.
2. Penalties imposed on the rider at events – must be signed by both the Clerk of Course and Steward.
3. Medical attention received.

From 1 July 2006 junior riders must present their log book along with their competition licence at all race meetings and practice days.

In June 2006 current junior competition licence holders will be sent a log book and all new junior riders who take out a competition licence will be sent a log book in addition to a licence card and GCR.

125cc 2 Stroke and 250cc 4 Stroke Endorsement
From 1 July 2006 the conditions for a junior (current and new) to obtain endorsement to race a 125cc 2 stroke and/or 250cc 4 stroke are:

1. 5 hours of coaching on a 125cc 2 stroke machine.
2. 5 hours of coaching on a 250cc 4 stroke machine.
3. The coaching for either 125cc 2 stroke or 250cc 4 stroke can be undertaken 3 months prior to the riders birthday which allows them to compete on either machine.
4. A rider must receive 5 hours coaching on both machines, if they want endorsement for both.
5. The required 5 hours coaching for 125cc 2 stroke and 250cc 4 stroke will count toward the 5 hours coaching needed each year.

Who Can Conduct the Coaching and Assessments
For those riders obtaining a competition licence for the first time they must receive coaching from an accredited motorcycle sport Club Coach or higher (i.e Level 1 or 2).

The Club Coach is a new level of accreditation that has been introduced as an interim measure which will be reviewed at the end of 2007.

The Level 0 coaching accreditation implemented in NSW in 2005 will now be known as Club Coach.

The Club Coach Course will be the sport specific component of the Level 1 Coaching Course and will be run over 1 day (8 hours).  The Level 1 Coaching Course is a 2 day (16 hours) course, which is made up of 2 components – sport specific coaching and general principles of coaching.

A Club Coach accreditation only allows the coach to conduct the required coaching modules a junior needs to undertake to obtain a competition licence.

A Club Coach can update to a Level 1 by undertaking the general principles of coaching components of the Level 1 course via correspondence or attendance mode.  This option will be detailed during the Club Coach courses.

Riders undertaking the necessary 5 hours to renew their competition licence or step-up to a 125cc 2 stroke or 250cc 4 stroke must complete their coaching hours from an accredited Level 1 or 2 motorcycle sport coach.
What is Coaching

A coaching session is constituted by a coach:

1. Providing instruction to a rider.
2. Allowing the rider to practice the instructions given.
3. Observing the rider practicing the instructed exercises.
4. Analysing the riders action.
5. Providing immediate and constructive feedback.
6. Allowing the rider to practice the exercise again so they can use the feedback provided.

Cost of JCP
If a coaching session is being conducted purely for the purpose of junior rider/s to obtain a competition licence a coaching permit is required and the rider does not need a licence, however they must complete the modules in the “Kick Start” booklet.

Please note that a rider with a licence can not participate in a coaching session with non licence holders.

$30 is the maximum fee a junior rider can be charged to do the required coaching and riding test.  A club or coach can choose to offer the coaching and rider test free of charge as a way of encouraging new members.

If an unlicensed rider wishes to attend, for instance a 2 day school conducted by a professional coach, they will need to take out a one meeting recreational licence and the school will require a coaching permit.  The professional coach can sign off on the required coaching modules and riding test.

Come and Try it Days
If the JCP is conducted as part of a Come and Try It Days, a permit will be issued to the club at no charge.  The “Kick Start” booklet can be handed to the riders and the coaching and riding assessments and theory test can be completed.  Come and Try It Days are for potential new riders, not existing riders.

One Meeting (Competition) Licenses – (Club and Interclub Events)
Junior participants intending to take out a One Meeting (competition) Licence after 1 July 2006 must complete the required 5 hours of coaching and rider assessment and the theory test.  They will need to complete the relevant forms in the “Kick Start” booklet and send them to their SCB.  The rider will then be issued with a log book and their details kept on the membership/licensing database.

Race secretaries must ensure that a junior rider’s log book number is recorded on their One Meeting (Competition) Licence.  Clubs are also reminded that riders intending to use One Meeting Licenses will not likely be aware of these changes, so the provision and promotion of Come and Try It Days as soon as possible is strongly encouraged.

Nipper Licence Holders
If a current nipper licence holder wishes to obtain a junior competition licence they need to be treated the same as a new competition licence applicant and undertake a minimum of 5 hours of coaching and riding assessment and the theory test.  Once they have applied for a junior competition licence they will be sent a licence, GCRs and logbook.

Indemnity Form
Indemnities are required to be signed by the junior rider and their parent or legal guardian to participate in all motorcycling related activities.