is a Q & A for junior Competition Licence holders hope this answer's all your inquiries

Q. Who needs a Log Book?
A. Anyone who wants to compete in any closed to club, Interclub or Open competition must have a Log Book

Q. Why haven't I received a Log Book?
A. Log Books have been sent to all juniors who were holding a competition licence before July 1st 2006. Recreational licence holders and one event licence holders were not sent a Log Book.

Q. Do I need a log book to ride at Ride Days or Practice Days?
A. No. You are only required to have a Log Book at competitive events. It is also a good idea to take your Log Book to all coaching days so that the coaching can be signed off.

Q. Can I compete if I don't have my Log Book at the meeting?
A. No. You cannot ride at any competition if you don't have your Log Book with you, no matter what type of licence you have.

Q. I have my Log Book now, do I have to have 5 hours of coaching before I can race?
A. No. Once you have your Log Book you will have to have 5 hours coaching signed off in your Log Book before MV will renew your licence after January 1st 2007.

Q. Can I compete if I don't have a Log Book yet?
A. No junior can compete without having both their Licence and their Log Book at the meeting.

Q. Who can I get to help me get my 5 hours coaching required for my licence renewal or my 125cc and/or 250cc accreditation?
A. Any Motorcycling Australia accredited Level 1 or 2 coach that is not a member of your immediate family, unless it is part of a larger group.