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X-Country Erica


ORCC Round 8  Erica SUNDAY 28th October
DMCC 8890  
Tracie Oakes Lynda Harrison 0408 140 793
Geoff Graham Col Ellen  

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The DMCC hereinafter called the PROMOTER, will conduct Round 8 at Erica on Sunday 28th October. The event is planned to be Cross Country format.

The abovementioned meeting has been authorised by Motorcycling Victoria (MV) and will be held in accordance with the General Competition Rules (GCR’s) of Motorcycling Australia (MA), the by-laws of MV, these Supplementary Regulations, any final instructions and instructions issued by the stewards of the meeting.


Entries will be accepted forthwith from current MA Senior National (SNA) and MA Junior National (JNA) competition licence holders. Current competition licence and current club membership card must be produced at sign in. NO EXCEPTIONS.

$ 50 FOR Seniors and $ 40 for Juniors.


Entries will close on Wednesday prior to the event at 9pm 24th October unless the club decide to close early due to number of entrants.

ENTRIES WILL BE TAKEN ON THE DAY (if suitable conditions prevail) BUT WILL BE CHARGED AN EXTRA $20 OVER ENTRE FEE. Doesn’t matter if you rang Lynda, Bryan, Frank, Justin, whoever, if you haven’t done an online entry you will be charged $20 extra as it is a lot of work to do on the day for the sign-in people

Please remember to have your membership fees paid or membership form for day membership all filled out and bring with you and race licence ready. Day licences will be available on the day and as MA have put the price up a 1 day licence is now $ 75. A 1 day rec licence (RIDE BUT CANT RACE) is still $ 30. One event (day) membership is $ 40 except for a come and try junior rider it is $ 20 or full membership is $ 105. New Memberships from July to September are half price.

Please make sure you enter the correct class, enter once only and submit the correct email address on your entry for any event information to be sent. Also please make sure when doing your online entry you enter the correct class that you are currently scored in from any previous rounds and the same spelling of your name and riding number, e.g. if you use Rob rather than Robert use this for each time when entering. If you enter a lower grade than your ability shows, you may be re-graded on the say to a higher grade. Any rider who isn’t happy with their current grading please e-mail off-road entries and the club will have a look at it.

Classes are as per below with Pro being VORC Pro or higher ranked Expert, A grade being Expert, B grade being fastest clubman, C grade being fast clubman and D grade being lower ranked clubman and trail riders.

There are no capacity classes.

Junior classes cater for 50cc upwards with 125/150/200 2S and 250 4S combined.

A Grade (Expert)
B Grade (Fastest Clubman)
C Grade (Fast Clubman)
D Grade (Clubman)
040A Grade
040B Grade
Recreational non-competition class

PW: Pee Wee’s, 5 – Under 7
J0: XR50,KTM50 etc, 5 – Under 9
J1: 65cc (Also XR/JR/PW 80), 5 – Under 13
J2: 85 2 stroke, 150 4 stroke, 9 to 12
J3: 85 2 stroke, 150 4 stroke, 12 to 15
J4: Upto 200 2 stroke and 250 4 stroke, 13 – Under 16
Junior Girls
Recreational non-competition class

Club Level 2 First Aider’s will be in attendance for the entirety of the event.
Sign in for the above mentioned event will take place from 8.00 am for Juniors and 10.00am for Seniors

Attendance at the Riders Briefing is compulsory. The Riders Briefing for Juniors at 8.30am and Seniors at 10.30am

Riders under the age of 18, if not accompanied by parents, must have a guardianship form filled out prior to the event and presented at sign in. The guardian must be over 18 years and have ID.

All machines must comply with the 2018 GCR’s

All bikes will be scrutineered, you must bring your helmet to scrutineering and please no Go Pro’s or brackets on helmets otherwise you will be disappointed when you are not permitted to race with the helmet. Scrutineers will be checking safety features on bikes such as broken levers, brakes at lever/pedal, throttle return and importantly as per MOM Exposed handlebar ends must be plugged with a solid material or rubber cover and cross bar pads must be fitted. Any non-compliance for any of these means no riding unless rectified and re submitted to scrutineering. Most failures are handlebar plugs and cross bar pads. If your bike is not fitted with the required safety features, it is not safe to ride for you or others and rules dictate you are not able to ride.

Remember: check your own wheel bearings!

In line with current race noise limits (112dBA or less at 2m at full revs per 2018 MOMS). If you have an older model 2 stroke, if you repack the muffler it will be fine, but if you have an older model 4 stroke with original muffler it will be too lout. Please check sound level of your bike. If you are unsure of your bike’s sound level, please contact Bryan Noble on 9707 5672. Any bike found on the day to be too noisy may not race. This will be enforced as this is the rules of the sport to try and reduce closing of motorcycle venues, riders from a previous round who failed the noise test and does so again this round will not be permitted to ride.

Find your baffle and put it back in, put the stock muffler back on, repack the muffler, get FMF Q silencer do whatever has been suggested and you should be fine.

No camping is available at the property.

All rubbish to be taken home.

All competitors, officials and parents are reminded of the Motorcycling Australia By-Law – CODE OF CONDUCT (as stipulated in the GCR’s) which is a guide to appropriate behaviour at all motorcycle race meetings. This CODE OF CONDUCT applies to this meeting and will be enforced. A reminder to members and as per MOM’s there is no smoking or alcohol at the venue and no pets are allowed at the event.

Sign On – Juniors at 8.00am and Seniors at 10.00am
Machine Examination- Juniors from 8.00am and Seniors from 10.00am
Riders Briefing – Juniors at 8.30am and Seniors at 10.30am
Racing Starts - After riders briefing and for Seniors after the conclusion of the Junior’s

The planned format is XC, (subject to the conditions).

A 25 min track is planned for bigger juniors and seniors which is predominantly single track. A 10 min separate loop is planned for the smaller junior riders, just needs some workers on the Sat to set out the loop and couple parents on the Sunday to supervise the loop.

Per normal ORCC round there will be a BBQ at completion of racing and removal of track markings.

A. To be eligible for series point’s riders or their delegate must work at a nominated pre-event working bee (not just the Saturday before the event) and ride at least 75% of the series events. The championship points will be calculated using the best points of 7 of the 8 rounds. (Or if less rounds due to a cancelled round will be calculated using best points from total number of rounds less one round.) This will allow riders to basically drop one round.

B. Riders who work a pre-event working bee (not the day prior) for the day or as determined by the event coordinator will get reduced cost ($15 insurance levied by MV) entry to the next ORCC event.

C. Enviromats are compulsory when replenishing fluids in your bike; these will be available for sale at events for $10 each. If you need one please tick the appropriate box in the entry form.

D. Each pit tent/group must supply their own small (1kg) chemical fire extinguisher, the normal small type you might carry in your car, boat, caravan etc.

1. D Grade are on post-race de-arrowing and bunting duty. If anyone in these classes rides and doesn’t help post-race, their results will be excluded unless determined otherwise by C of C.

2. Event Scoring: Event timing/scoring will be by transponder, the club can provide transponders to hire for $ 20 per transponder for the day to cover the costs to the club for hiring the box of transponders.

3. There will be a BBQ after racing for all riders, and a gold coin donation for parents/guardians/friends etc.

4. Sound: Sound emissions must comply with rules as stated in the 2018 Manual of Motorcycle Sport and these supp regs.

5. Riding of Motorcycles: The riding of any competing motorcycles in the pits or car park or camping area is not permitted. Infringing riders will be brought before the stewards of the meeting. Any offender may be fined $50.00, which must be paid before any further participation is permitted. No pit bikes or non - competing motorcycles are permitted to be ridden at any time at the venue.

6. No Hassle Policy: Any rider, entrant or person associated with a rider or entrant shall conduct themselves in an orderly manner in any dealings whatsoever, with any official of the meeting. A rider shall be responsible for his/her own conduct and that of any person with whom he/she is associated who abuses or threatens in any manner, either verbally or physically, any official. Penalties, which may be imposed by the stewards for breach, include reprimand or warning. Minimum $50.00 fine or exclusion from the meeting.

7. Abandonment: In the event of the meeting being abandoned due to circumstances beyond the control of the promoters before racing commences, entry fees will be returned, less a fee per entry to cover administration costs. Once the competition has commenced only the stewards of the meeting have the authority to abandon the meeting and their decision shall be final. In such cases the stewards will rule on the results according to the circumstances.

8. Bicycles: Bicycles are not permitted in the pits or on the racing circuit. No Pit Bikes will be allowed anywhere at this complex.

9. Animals: Are not permitted into the grounds. Seeing Eye dogs are permitted.

10. Motorcycles: Are to be kept in the pit area at all times when not being used for competition. Unless permission to remove the motorcycle has been granted by the stewards of the meeting. Any motorcycle removed from the pit area without permission of the stewards, will be deemed to have withdrawn from the competition.

11. Reservations: The Stewards of the meeting reserve the right to alter, postpone or cancel all or part of the events program.


It is conditional upon acceptance of this entry that it is fully understood by the rider/entrant/parent/guardian to arrange personal injury and ambulance transportation insurance cover in case you should require the same during the running of this competition.

The Motorcycling Australia Insurance Scheme provides: As per 2018 Manual of Motorcycle Sport.

Working bee is happening at the property on Saturday 27th October, prior to the event and those able to help prior to 11am, a camping spot will be organised at the venue. You will need to e-mail your intention to help so the spot can be organised

The club also needs someone to get the toilet to Erica. If you can help please contact either Colin or Lynda


In the past some people have had trouble entering online. This is a glitch with the computers not talking to one another, so please try changing your web browser to either Firefox or Chrome or alternatively use your phone or other device to enter. If you still have problems please email all your details required on the entry form to and we will enter for you.