For DMCC member riders who are part of a DMCC club team or are just pitting with DMCC for the A4DE, MK1 Motorcycles have been able to offer support from Shinko Tyres and Maxima Oils.
For the actual riders on a DMCC club team there are select quantities of tyres being offered free of charge.

Shinko tyres are available to members for the A4DE at a 25% discount from RRP which makes a rear tyre $95 and a front $71 for any knobby pattern the rider wants.

Maxima Oils are suppling 2 stroke oil and range of consumable oils such as chain lube, brake fluid, filter oil, etc. free for use by DMCC who are part of the DMCC team.

If any rider wants to get on board or wants more details of the MK1/DMCC offer, please e-mail Bryan Noble at
Any riders who wants to nominate for a DMCC club team please also contact Bryan.

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