cessnockThe 4 Day in 2018 is being held in and around Cessnock area in April and expect several club members have entered, in either a conventional normal A4DE modern class or the new vintage class.

DMCC are endeavouring to support all members at this event who would like some help at controls, work periods, taking fuel, supplies and spares out to controls. So even if you don’t have support crew the club is endeavouring to support and help you out. Even if you have 1 helper they are not able to be at all controls, so this allows riders to have support at all controls, fuel food, spares, etc.

If you plan to ride the event then e-mail Bryan Noble at bryan.noble@woodgroup.com and get your name on the list and advise if you have any helpers or not and what class you have entered so the club can work out how many riders we have, how many helpers we have and then how many extra helpers the club needs to rally to support the riders at every control.

DMCC are also entering club teams for the event but to do this need to know who has actually entered.
The plan is to have modern and vintage club teams and with quite a few vintage riders entered most likely get a couple vintage club teams entered.
There is no cost to the riders for the club team as this will be covered by DMCC and they will do the club team entry nomination.

If you are entered for the A4DE in Cessnock and are a DMCC member and want to be part of the DMCC contingent then please e-mail Bryan and let him know your details.