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The Dandenong MCC  proudly announce that Entries for the 2020 DMCC MX Masters are now open. This event is being held on Saturday 29th February & Sunday 1st March  

Entries close on Monday 24th February 8pm sharp

Get entries in early as we have limited class sizes and it will be first in best dressed

Please read below for supplementary regulations and entry form link.

Entry is open to DMCC members, and other affiliated Motorcycling Australia Club members.
We will be offering discounts on the day to DMCC members. If you want to join DMCC, follow the steps below.
Day memberships and licenses are also available for those who don’t hold any form of club membership.

All enquires please contact Rory McKercher on 0456 266 444 or

To be a Full DMCC Member you will need to complete your membership application or renewal on line prior to the first round.

1. Go to the membership section of the website and click on the link to join Dandenong Motorcycle Club
2. Fill in the form to register on the website, you will get an email to confirm your membership and your email address
3. Log into the site using your email address and password you set in the registration form.

4. Pay your membership by either:-

a) Pay by credit card with PayPal, this will instantly activate your membership. (preferred method.)

b) Choose 'Offline Payment' and print out the form and bring the form and payment to event.

5. If you have not got your membership card yet just print off the invoice located on the 'Profile and Payment' section of the website to use as proof of membership

Any membership problem or questions, please call Cory Murdoch on 0408471988

Please read more below for the full supplementary regulations and online entry form.

DMCC are hosting the 2020 A4DE at Erica in May 2020 and are looking for anyone interested in being involved in the event.

The club is holding a meeting at the clubrooms on Thursday 19th of September at 7.30pm to form a steering committee to plan and run the event.

The steering committee will have formal and informal roles to suit the level of involvement that people are prepared to offer.

The planning for the event is well underway and the major heavy involvement roles are already being carried out, but less time involvement roles are available to be taken on.

Key roles include coordinators for individual special tests, day trail sections, time controls, parc ferme, final moto, volunteers, etc.

Those who don’t have time to take on a key role could offer assistance to those who have taken on a key role.

If you would like to be involved in the event at all, anywhere from an hour to the week, come along to the meeting on the 19th and let us know.

If you can’t make it to the night shoot Frank an email at to let him know your keen.

It is with much sadness that Dandenong MCC advise that Barry Gates passed away on Thursday 29th June.
Barry has been an integral part of DMCC for over 34 years. Much of this was heavily involved in the Classic and Road portion of the club, being a committee member for over 15 years being the driving force behind the classic and red plate rego side of the club.

All are welcome to attend the funeral, details as follows:-
David W Bull Funerals
190 Princes Hwy Pakenham
Thursday 6th July at 2pm

Ride Report. Darren's Erica ride had it all - twin track, single track, hand cut, river crossings, massive climbs and down hills, and of course lattes .

There were three in the crew: Daren, Wilko aka Father Brian on a 350 who's the smoothest rider I've seen, and me.

We had a chilly start to the morning leaving Erica, even after letting it warm up a bit while we ate our bacon and eggs ???? breakfast at the 1914 cafe. But it wasn't chilly for long as DARREN had us working from the get go. New knobbies (for some) kept the red mud under control and gave us big smiles as we power-slid out of damp leafy turns ????.

A short section of "are you sure there's a track there?" hand cut got the heart pumping as we negotiated fallen trees and steep banks. After a quick latte at Walhalla the forestry conditions turned more open and rocky as we ascended mountains that seemed to go on forever (stegz are awesome!) then descended again down some of the steepest tracks I have ridden (better replace the brake fluid) ????.

The ride along deep creek no. 1 was pretty special, as was descending the switchbacks of Trig track, wondering how we would get out again. A DARREN-special bit (nudge nudge, ????????) sent us down plane track which was so steep even Wilko stopped at one point to suss out an approach.

Unfortunately after plane track, on the slow, flat, gravel, car park access road Wilko had a momentary lapse in a corner and ended up in a ditch. A broken collarbone meant the end of his ride and he took the main road back to the car.

DARREN and I pressed on. A bike swap was done: I believe DARREN was most impressed with the recent suspension work on the WR, and I of course blown away with the any-gear any-time on-tap power of the 500. Wow.????

The ride was billed as a "tank of gas" ride and that was pretty much spot on. About 2km out of town the 500 rolled to a stop on the side of the main road into Erica. 179

While we were transferring some fuel from the WR refuelling tanker, the local boys in blue turned up. I'm now thinking maybe I should've got a DOT tyre, but all they wanted was a chat and to hand out a bike safety brochure.

We finished the day with a couple of frothies ???? at the pub while DARREN chatted to all the locals.

A top ride ????. Bravo Mr Pay, bravo ????.


Monthly Clasic Rides
A ride is held each month, usually the 3rd Sunday in the month. It leaves at 12.30pm from Mc Donalds cark, Berwick, Clyde Rd, near railway line. Destinations usually alternate between short and long rides. Other more modenr bikes, David 0417 114 294.

Existing Club Registration

You can either post them to me at 47 Ryan Rd Pakenham including a stamped self-addressed envelope or make a time to come around and have them signed.

If you are more than 3 months late in paying your renewal at Vicroads, they will not accept it and you will have to get a roadworthy and photos as if it’s a new registration application.

If you dispose of the club permit vehicle, please advise me.

New applications


As we move into the second half of the year a few updates of things that are happening around the club. The Club has decided to not run the Thumper Cross this year and rather spend our time and efforts at Wonthaggi, and to encourage a few more members along to the practise and club days to be held at Wonthaggi we will be offering ½ price membership for the remainder of the year. Website will be set for ½ price membership from July 1st!

The club will be running Rounds 12 and 13 of the VORC at Rawson on the 22nd and 23rd of August and will be looking for helpers to run this event, if you are available please mark these dates in your calendar and shoot an email to to let him know you can make it.


Classic and road events happening in the club

General club notices

Non-race events that the club is running.

News and information on race events the club is running.

News on upcoming race meetings external to the club

General news and info on special deals and new businesses connected to the club.

The club newsletter is a periodical that includes general news of the happenings in the club and related areas.

Social events happening within the club

The offroad club championships are ideal for the rider who wants to have a go at enduro, x-country and sprint.
Motocross Club championships held at Wonthaggi
Riders must have at least a MA Recreational license.   Day licenses can be purchaced at track.

Ride fee
$30 Members
$50 Non-members

$50 1-day recreational license

Code of Conduct

You must be a club member and have at least a MA Recreational License, membership and one day licenses can be arranged on the day.

Warning to all riders all vehicals are to travel at walking pace only through the car park. No more warnings a penalty will now apply.

145.561938 It is every rider’s responsibility to water the track during the day or if track does get to dusty the practice will be called off.

We request flag marshal’s during the days practice event, this duty is to be shared between all riders, if we are to continue with practice day’s we require your help. We are repeatedly calling for volunteers, if this continues we will either have to cancel the practice days or make it compulsory to only accept riders that can supply corner marshals and if required members to water the track.

It will be up to you to provide corner marshals; practice will be stopped until we have the necessary numbers. Your practice time will lost if this does not happen.

After spending considerable time cleaning the toilet block removing rubbish, cleaning basins and mirrors only to find the rubbish left behind from past practice days. Washing goggles, boots or helmets in the basins or showers is banned and if caught you will be banned from practice days.

REMEMBER TO USE THE RUBBISH BINS around the track or take it home with you, do not leave this to the Committee Members.

Practice days should be any easy event to run but lately it seems all the riders only attend the track to ride leaving most of the work to be done with the very few helpers. This is your club to, so please help out.

The main problems that regularly occur:

  • Riding to fast in the car park, do we make it that all riders push there bikes to the motocross circuit? You can help control this.

  • Dogs!! It is a requirement from Motor Cycling Australia that dogs are not allowed at a Motorcycling event.

  • Toilets, somebody has to clean them why should it be the organisers of the practice days as this is your responsibility as well. 

All riders should know what a Red Flag Means. It Means STOP IMMEDIATELY any infringements and the rider/riders will be stood down for the rest of the practice day.

If too many senior riders are on the track at one time we will split the field to 20mins for Juniors, 20mins for A & B Grade seniors & 20 mins for C grade, Enduro & recreation licence holders.

If this does not work out then maybe we should limit the number of riders on practice days, as we do not have the number of helpers to run these practice days.

It has been suggested we provide a Pee- Wee track by several members but nobody wants to arrange this so until we have enough helpers to organise this track it wont happen.

Sign In will either be at the base of the Tower or Canteen, do not forget to collect your wristband, as this is your only proof that you have signed in and paid.