Practice Days

Riders must have at least a MA Recreational license.   Day licenses can be purchaced at track.

Ride fee
$30 Members
$50 Non-members

$50 1-day recreational license

Code of Conduct

You must be a club member and have at least a MA Recreational License, membership and one day licenses can be arranged on the day.

Warning to all riders all vehicals are to travel at walking pace only through the car park. No more warnings a penalty will now apply.

145.561938 It is every rider’s responsibility to water the track during the day or if track does get to dusty the practice will be called off.

We request flag marshal’s during the days practice event, this duty is to be shared between all riders, if we are to continue with practice day’s we require your help. We are repeatedly calling for volunteers, if this continues we will either have to cancel the practice days or make it compulsory to only accept riders that can supply corner marshals and if required members to water the track.

It will be up to you to provide corner marshals; practice will be stopped until we have the necessary numbers. Your practice time will lost if this does not happen.

After spending considerable time cleaning the toilet block removing rubbish, cleaning basins and mirrors only to find the rubbish left behind from past practice days. Washing goggles, boots or helmets in the basins or showers is banned and if caught you will be banned from practice days.

REMEMBER TO USE THE RUBBISH BINS around the track or take it home with you, do not leave this to the Committee Members.

Practice days should be any easy event to run but lately it seems all the riders only attend the track to ride leaving most of the work to be done with the very few helpers. This is your club to, so please help out.

The main problems that regularly occur:

  • Riding to fast in the car park, do we make it that all riders push there bikes to the motocross circuit? You can help control this.

  • Dogs!! It is a requirement from Motor Cycling Australia that dogs are not allowed at a Motorcycling event.

  • Toilets, somebody has to clean them why should it be the organisers of the practice days as this is your responsibility as well. 

All riders should know what a Red Flag Means. It Means STOP IMMEDIATELY any infringements and the rider/riders will be stood down for the rest of the practice day.

If too many senior riders are on the track at one time we will split the field to 20mins for Juniors, 20mins for A & B Grade seniors & 20 mins for C grade, Enduro & recreation licence holders.

If this does not work out then maybe we should limit the number of riders on practice days, as we do not have the number of helpers to run these practice days.

It has been suggested we provide a Pee- Wee track by several members but nobody wants to arrange this so until we have enough helpers to organise this track it wont happen.

Sign In will either be at the base of the Tower or Canteen, do not forget to collect your wristband, as this is your only proof that you have signed in and paid.